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Tower 2011 Loads slowly

Terry Latting

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I have been playing Tower 2011 for sometime now. I just updated my computer and its way faster and better in every way. Ever since I updated the PC, Tower runs so slowly. It takes about 15 minutes for Dallas to load (If not longer). JFK takes about half that time. Also, my framerate is slow on the DBRITE and Scope windows, but not on the main screen. I know for a fact its not my new PC unless something is conflicting software wise.


I just purchased KDFW, and I cannot even play it when it does finally load. The games lags so bad its ruins the game. I tried reinstalling the game completely to no aval.


I have run the game in all different combinations. Lower resolution, lower color bit depth. When I load the game in a night time setting, It loads almost instantly. Can someone suggest what I should do?


PC Specs:


AMD FX-8310 Eight Core Processor

8 GB Ram

2 GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 X2 (Crossfired)

120GB Kingston SSD (Game runs off this HD)

1TB Seagate HD

ASUS Monitor

Windows 7 Home Premium SP1




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