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A2A C172 compatible with proPit.

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I have been using proPit Full size hardware cockpit which has completed my installation for flying single engine aircrafts. I have set up controls to work as close to a C172 as u can get. As a PPL in command I can falidate this. Inorder to get full experience I need to use C172 A2A which at the moment will not load as per fsx C172. Do I need to purchase and register the KEY code and would A2A C172 then be compatible with VRinsight and run on SerialFP2.

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Sorry, I don't understand. Are you asking about FSUIPC registration? What part of your needs requires FSUIPC?


I've really no knowledge of "ProPit" or any A2A aircraft. This question might be better directed to one or both of their support forums.



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I know that certainly with my VRi MPanel, SerialFP2 only supports a very limited number of aircraft directly (mainly PMDG, a couple of Wilcos and the default MS models) and the A2A models don't use the default functionality of FSX.


What I have had confirmed by A2A is that you can control their functionality via LUA, so if you can bypass SerialFP2, the same as you can with other VRinsight modules, and control it directly via FSUIPC and LUA, that should work? You might like to talk to some of the cockpit builders on the A2A forums, as one of their guys just suggested to me when I asked his advice, as they'd be in the best position to know.


The other option might be LINDA, but I don't know whether that will talk to the Propit - you'd have to check their support forum at Avsim for advice on that.


Ian P.

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