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Braking smooth

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Due to physical limitations I must use a button on the joystick.. Thinking this would be a perfect little LUA project to delve into. A log or linear increase in braking over time, ~2.5 seconds. This would reduce the harshness & give the ability use the momentary action as Pete mentioned above a little more effectively. A much better option than adjusting the .air file (only way to adjust) for each airplane. 


The brain is pondering... Will give it a go. 

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Gave it a go with excellent results. It helps out quite a bit when using a button, toggling on/off to get a mixed brake strength. The code is in the User Contributions section.


Pete - If you see any glaring problems with this -or- have some ideas to make it better I would be grateful.. A lua beginner.   


Very good for a "Lua beginner" :-), but I think you should look at using events instead. I've posted some ideas in the thread in User Contributions. Ask questions if you need to.



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Thanks Pete!


 My 1st 3 versions were done inside a single file. I tried just about everything you mentioned ( event.) and just couldn't get it to work reliably. Forgot about event.param. Going to try again. Trying to make it easy on the user side to setup. 


Thanks! will advise.

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