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Quick question on the schedule.txt file. How accurate do the arrival time, departure time and flight time numbers need to be? For a departure for any given airport (e.g. LAX) does the simulator take the flight time and arrival time into account? 


In other words: when I'm adding flights to the schedule.txt file, do I need to worry about all the numbers adding up, or can I concentrate on arrival time (for arrivals) and departure time (for departures) and leave the rest empty/dummy?



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To Newbie

I make my own schedule.txt files for airports using mainly flight aware info, massaging it using Excell & converting it to a schedule.txt file.

For arrivals, all my departure times are 00:00.

For departures all my arrival times are 00:00

All my durations are 60, because its convienient. The schedules work great on Tower and Tracon.

If your making your own schedules and are not too fussed on actual arrival times, try to make your arrivals abount 3-5 minutes apart. The program seems to handle these better that two arrival times at the same time. Also make sure that you have assigned a terminal to any new operators to an airport in the Tower "Terminal.txt" file otherwiswe no aircraft from that operator. Also with new schedules,check the airplane.txt, airports.txt & airlines.txt file to make sure all are there. for example the airplane file does not have the 787, 747-8 or A350 in it. Therefore none of these will turn up in the program. I had to make then using similar designs using the airplane editor. All good fun but be prepared for some hours of work making your own schedule files but the finished product is worth it.

Kev M



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Thanks Kev (707FAN)


That clears it up for me, I was just worried that not having realistic departure times (for flights arriving at my airport) would somehow mess up the game. So I can conclude that these numbers are just "fluff" and have not function in the game. 


As for the terminals/etc, I was already aware of most of the intricacies, I'm having a lot of fun modifying LAX to accept cargo planes and private charters. Once you figure out how it works, it's pretty simple and, as you state, al lot of fun. 




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