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  1. And the ability to combine commands: “American 314, runway 25R at Foxtrot Via Charlie, Hold short of taxiway Bravo”
  2. I didn’t check, but I assume it was mostly indeed wait penalties and all those missed approaches (including not handing off to departure). Although I assume at some point the game stops spawning a/c because all the gates are occupied...
  3. So I minimized Tower without pausing cos I needed to be AFK and then forgot about it for one night....
  4. Win-key+S or got to Start and type Snipping Tool. It's included in windows.
  5. This option is called "Sticky Keys" and is found under the "Accessibility" options in the configuration screen. Not sure where in Win10 as I'm still on Win7
  6. "Delta 416, Line up and wait" "Negative Tower, we're just making a run down to the Starbucks"
  7. Agreed. This was already mentioned in another post and FeelThere confirmed they would look into it. Not saying it will be added, but they will consider it.
  8. Can you also post your schedule.dat (or .txt?) file? It's in the 'Databases' dir.
  9. This doesn't fix the fact that a/c still taxi across the grass at certain points (also happens at Philadelphia). You can see it even in Tower view.
  10. Let me ask you this: is a game trailer supposed to demonstrate the game and what you can do in it? Because the trailer that was released obviously made use of the "F1 camera" in order to produce a dramatic video, but essentially it was false advertising because all those fancy views are (officially) not possible. I think a lot of people were expecting to be able to look at the scene from multiple angles (and not just the standard "fly-by" that we have today). from the other hand, I understand why you would not want this feature because indeed it lets the player go behind the scenes and see things you don't want him to, like the fact that at Philadelphia a/c actually taxi across the grass and right next to a tree on their way to runway 17...
  11. One last thing you could try is going to the Tower3D folder, selecting all files/sub-folders, then right-click, select Properties and then de-select "read-only". Then apply. If that doesn't work, repeat the above, but instead of de-selecting "Read Only", select the "SECURITY" tab, then click "Edit...", select "Users" in the top list and then select "Full Control" -> Allow checkbox in the bottom list. Then Apply and try again. Not saying this is going to work, but it worked for me.
  12. Maybe this is what you're looking for: While in the game, press F1. Now you can use W,A,S,D to move the camera around, and right mouse button to pan/point the camera. Edit: it DOES NOT work if the game is paused...
  13. Does it happen for a specific type of a/c (737? CRJ7?). Does it happen only on takeoffs or also landings? Avwriter's suggestion will work, but editing the a/c will change the settings for ALL your airports, not sure if that's a good idea. Have you tried opening the airport in the airfield editor to check out the runway in question (sorry, I don't have Key West)? Maybe they didn't make it long enough (the "red path"). Also, do the a/c in question also fly to Key West in real life? I'm thinking maybe your schedule contains flights which normally wouldn't go there due to the runway restriction. So at least one other option is to remove the a/c types in question from your schedule, or replace them with smaller a/c.
  14. Statement from FeelThere concerning this:
  15. Just some thoughts on this: Steam is cheaper (as you mentioned) Developer has stated on this forum that updates will be available earlier for non-Steam customers. This, according to me, is because they have outsourced the Steam deployment to another company. So any updates/patches (note: not add-ons) will have to be passed to their partner who then needs to add it to Steam. although updates will be later (not slower), Steam does auto-update, so you will never have to download a file and then run it and install etc. Steam takes care of that for you. concerning editing files: Steam still installs the game on your system (in the directory Program files/Steam/steamapps/common) so you can still jump in there and edit to your heart's content and then run the game from Steam itself. HOWEVER: from what I have seen in the new directory structure of Tower!3D, there are not a heck of a lot of files we will be editing, maybe even none at all. But details on this are still sketchy and pending from FeelThere.
  16. Well..... they DID hold for the ACTIVE runways, so the ones you selected on the Start screen. But all others they would just taxi across indeed.
  17. Game.log is generated in the root dir, so at the same dir as tower3d.bat
  18. 20:00 is 8 p.m, so I would expect it to be at least sunset(ting) at that time, if not indeed night.
  19. Not sure if this will help much. This is the log where I handled two planes, one departure. The departure is where I tried to Turn Left Heading. I also added Speech.log for good measure. speech.log game.log
  20. See also screenshot. When I try to command an a/c to turn left/right to a specific heading (i.e. Turn Left Heading 180) I am only able to select the a/c's current heading or the 180 of that heading.
  21. you know what worked for me: making all the files in the TOWER3D directory (and sub directories) full Access for all users. "Run as Administrator" didn't work for me.
  22. The VERY near future, I hope. This is, after all, functionality I paid for... I should know how it works.
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