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How can FSUIPC change assignment by itself????

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Suddenly one day I opened FSX, i get a lot of strange behaviors on my controllers.
I have a B737 Throtle Q. using Leo B. cards.

Throttle 1 became rudder, throttle 2 had moved from send direct to fsuipc calibration to Send to FS as normal axis and throttle gone.
Speed brake the same. Flaps became Left brake, right brake and rudder at same time :(  Reverser 1 is now right brake, Rev. 2 disappeared.

Throttle jump back to idle, pedals jumps up and down, mixture control does not react, or it  activates throttle and many many more strange behaviors.
Checking controls in fsx and everything works fine there. 
I am very experienced with FSX and also the cards of leo b. but this is a new experience :)

Yesterday I tried to assign std. contorls in FSX, but no action in the airplanes, even if it seem to work correct in FSX, like throttle, mixture yoke and buttons.

Today I re assigned the B737 throttle quadrant, but still no action in cockpit. 
TQ works fine in FSUIPC, but not in cockpit. Throttle 1 jumps up to 3/4 speed and pedals is moving up and down.
Need to use mouse to move T1 back to idle.


The only thing works as before is aileron and elevator on the yoke.
Any one with same experience?
Maybe the software at BU0836X which is corrupt...again? Happen once before......... 
Ideas, suggestions, guessing?



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spent hours trying to solve this problem. Assigned actions in FSUIPC still change, rudder becomes aileron, elevator or whatever.

Getting tired of this simulator, so many years and so much struggle to make it work properly.


Assignments in FSUIPC won't change. The joystick axes must be changing. Make a note of not only joystick number but also the axis letter. Then check next time it seems to change. If the joystick axes change in the card, it is a fault in the card's software. You need Leo's support then.



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