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C141A Cargo Door Issue


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Hello Mr. Dawson,


I apologize if I am asking a question that is simple.  I do want to start by sayind I read the manual, but much of what I read didn't seem to make it through to me...grin.


My issue specifically is I am using the Alphasim C-141A.  The cargo doors are controlled by using the Concorde Nose Controls and have never worked. 


I read the email traffic you had with Spokes 2112  in which you stated:


about using the visor controls are still assignable in FSUIPC4, so if you have a ported aircraft which makes different use of them, they should still be okay. Here they are from the FSX controls list:



Can you please walk me through what file I put the controls in and then how I would activate them please?


Finally you probably can't help me with this but the beacons don't work either.  Could you point me towards someone that could help me with that has well Please?



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 The controls still work in FSX, only, but only,,, if the aircraft has a "Concorde" style .air file. Revamping an .air file to include the required "Concorde" style will alter the performance of the aircraft soo much it isn't even worth trying.. Went up that tree a dozen times.


As for the lights. If this is the FS9 freeware release then according to the aircraft.cfg there is no beacon circuit at all, they seem to be attached to the strobe circuit. Easily changed by changing the 2 into a 1.



//Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing

light.0 = 3, -25.50, -79.50, 1.90, fx_navred
light.1 = 3, -25.50, 79.50, 1.90, fx_navgre
light.2 = 2, 11.25, 0.00, 7.00, fx_beaconh
light.3 = 2, 13.35, 0.00, -9.25, fx_beaconh
light.4 = 2, -92.80, 0.00, 29.55, fx_beaconh
light.5 = 4, 57.00, 0.00, 0.50, fx_vclight
light.6 = 4, 54.00, 3.50, 1.00, fx_vclight
light.7 = 4, 54.00, -3.50, 1.00, fx_vclight
light.8 = 4, -35.00, 2.00, -2.00, fx_vclighth
light.9 = 4, -35.00, -2.00, -2.00, fx_vclighth
light.10 = 4, 47.00, -3.00, -2.00, fx_vclighth

light.11 = 4, 47.00, -3.00, -2.00, fx_vclighth 

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Can you please walk me through what file I put the controls in and then how I would activate them please


You don't put them in, they are in FSUIPC's lists already. you just assign your buttons or switches or keypresses to the named controls in the FSUIPC drop-downs!



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