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ERJ-145 sudden altitude jump


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I flew from KMEM to KSDF today on VATSIM and during the flight I had two instances where the autopilot was active and I had several thousand feet jumps in altitude.


One was where i about 2000' below my target altitude of 28000' and climbing.  The aircraft suddenly jumped from appoximately 26000' to the target altitude.


On the second occasion I was at cruise altitude and the aircraft jumped from 28000' to 32500'.  Enough of a change that I got a call from ATC.


This isn't the first flight that this has happened on.


FSX and all related files are installed on a separate drive from my OS.  I'm running Win 7 Pro and UAC is off.


Any known casuses, fixes, etc?

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Thanks for responding.


Both jumps were fairly instantaeous.  The second jump was from a cruise altitude of 28000' to 32500' in a second or two.  Both went extreme nose up.  Nothing but sky in the windscreen.


I had to disengage the AP and reduce thrust to regain control and get the aircraft back to the captured altitude setting in the PFD.  Once there, I engaged the AP and it held fine the remainder of the trip at that altitude.


I'm going to do a bit more testing with the 'Use default autopilot for altitude hold' in the ERJ config dialog unchecked to see if that has any effect.



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