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ERJ doors


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The T/O menu in the ERJ's MFD has nine doors illuminated in green.  I understand that these include such things as interior and emergency doors.


My question has to do with the non-emergency, three exterior doors.   I am able to open the main door using Shift+e and the cargo/baggage door using Shift+e+2.


However, the service door does not appear to open.  Is there a key sequence for the service door, or is it non-functional?




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Hi, related to this topic...

I am running the FeelThere ERJ 145LR V2 downloaded via Steam in FSX/Windows 10.

I've been reading many posts on various sites, including this one, regarding difficulties opening cargo doors in FSX. I am definitely doing the correct keystrokes (shift-E, followed by 2, as indicated in airernie's earlier post) but unfortunately I still cannot get the cargo door to open on this aircraft. I've tried many times at various stages of aircraft prep.

It would really like to figure this out since I am using GSX and opening the cargo door is necessary to complete the loading process.

Can anyone offer any advice?


- Bob

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