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Client DLL 64bit version


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Thomas is correct. If the DLL was compiled as 64 bit (or 32/64 combined), it would not be able to communicate with any of the simulators. Windows does not allow 64 bit programs and 32 bit programs to share memory files.


Lockheed Martin are said to be bringing out a 64 bit version of P3D, but there are no time-scales yet. If they do, it would need Pete to bring out a 64 bit version of FSUIPC as well. If all of that ever happens then I can easily release a 64 bit version of the DLL. But at the moment, as Thomas says, there is no point.


If you want to use FSUIPC, you have no choice but to compile your application as 32bit only.



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Thanks for the quick response - even on chrismas.

Of course also from my side Merry Christmas!


However, MS FS or P3D are not the only targets - sorry. I'm using X-Plane 10 and it's out in 64bit quit a while. There is an excellent "simulation" of the FSUIPC from Pete, called XPUIPC.It's a plugin also in 64bit available. So I cannot follow your argumentation, that a cross 32/64 connection is not working. So far it does.


As I build up a Home Cockpit of an A380 most of the displays a SW-driven and programmed by myself based on a connection to the XPUIPC via that excellent dll from here. It makes my life much easier.

That's the background for having it compiled in 64 bit.


Best regards


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XPUIPC is not from Pete and has nothing to do with FSUIPC or WideClient, it is done by Tosi.

XPUIPC is available in 32 and 64 bit that installs in XPlane but the XPWideClient is 32 Bit, so it keeps existing app's compatible even with XPlane 64, as far as I know. There is also only one XPWideClient version available. For app's they run on XPLane-PC it will be needed to connect as 64 Bit but not for networked app's.

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Hi Thomas,

you are absolutely correct, XPUIPC is not from Pete. It was my bad english. What I meant was "Pete's FSUIPC" instead of "FSUIPC from Pete" - sorry.


However, I cannot agree that XPUIPC has nothing to do with Pete's FSUIPC.

As I'm using it since to 2010 intensivly, honestly, I know what I'm talking about. Beside offering a lot of original FSUIPCs offsets in the correct (FSUIPC) format, it's easily extensible by a simple cfg-file. So a lot of existing applications for the FS / P3D world are also usable 1:1.


Btw, AFAIK, XPUIPC is continued by Cyris in the meantime.


But, it is absolutely not my intend to fight for or against XPUIPC with X-Plane nor for or against FSUIPC with MS or LM products.


The XPWideClient may be "only"  32bit. However, It's only neccessary, or better one way, to connect from a different PC in the network to the master. It has absolutly nothing to do with the accessibility to the 64bit plugin XPUIPC within a 64bit X-Plane.

You may know that the plugins, XPUIPC and FSUIPC, offer their interface based on network protocols - indpendent of 32 or 64 bit. It might be a question of ipv4 and ipv6.


My application is runnig on a X-Plane "master". (Yes there is a 2nd PC slaved to it to show the left and right view on a 2nd and 3rd projector in the cockpit (over all ~170°)).

So far the X-Planes are running all in 64bit (all 3) and all on a 64bit OS. Only the Master has the XPUIPC plugin. And yes I'm accessing it - on the same "Master PC" - with my application. And this is has still to be compiled as 32 bit due to this excellent "FSUIPC client dll".

The application (will) contain the dispays: PFD left, PFD right, ND left, ND right, E/WD, SD with a dozen of Pages, MFD left, MFD right (the last 2 also with a couple of pages) and last but not least the "com"-displays. 65% are ready. In addition there is a NAV database I would like to keep in memory. Over all memory consuming. (yes -  16GB on bord are enough).

That is (shortly) the story behind it. And that is the reason for asking for a 64bit version.


Paul, your wrote "If all of that ever happens then I can easily release a 64 bit version of the DLL. But at the moment, as Thomas says, there is no point"

So, hopefully, I could expain that there is a point :) - at least a smalle one.


Best regards


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Hi Jürgen,


Thanks for the explanation. I've looked into this a bit more and it is possible to share the memory between the 32bit and 64bit apps. The problem was handling the different size pointers.


I've made some changes and managed to recompile the DLL to run on "Any CPU", so it will switch between 64/32 depending on the process it's running in. Also it doesn't matter if the FSUIPC/XPUIPC it's connecting to is running in a 32 bit or 64 bit flight sim, this new DLL should now connect to either.


I cannot test on XPUIPC as I don't have X-Plane, but it works here for FSX from a 64 bit and a 32 bit client application. Hopefully it will also connect to your 64 bit XPUIPC.







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Hi Paul,


as promised the feedback.


First of all: IT'S W O R K I N G.


It cost me a little bit more effort as I had also an old reference on a 32bit database driver. After solving that it compiled perfect.


On a quick test, a short flight, everything worked as expected.


T H A N K S   A     L O T   A G A I N!





PS: For me it's not a Beta :)

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