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Running Tower As Administrator Only


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Up until recently my Tower 2011 was working wonderfully, even after I installed all the add-ons.  Now I have a new delima.  For whatever reason, when I press the Tower icon on my desktop as well as in my start menu, it will have the little circle show up then disappear.  Nothing happens after that.  If I right click the icon I see where you can run the game as an administrator.  Then it works.  That is until I put in all my add-ons.  Then it won't do nothing again.  Does anyone know what I did wrong and can they give me a solution to this problem.  I even formatted my drive and reinstalled windows after this problem showed up.  I thought that reinstalling windows would correct it.  It did not.  I'm really frustrated.  Something is seriously wrong.  It should run like it did in the past where you double left click the icon and there it shows up, not having to right click and click run as administrator.  I'm already an administrator.  I'm the only one who uses this computer.

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nr, I am not running win 7 with tower anymore but what I suggest you do is completely uninstall Tower and make sure the Tower2011! folder is empty of all content and delete the folder. Perhaps even restart you machine so it is a clean start. Reinstall tower as an administrator. Leave the default schedule there for testing. This should now be a clean original tower installation. Try to run tower as an administrator from the start menu see if it works. If it does then you should be OK. Create a shortcut for the desktop and open the properties tab and and if I remember correctly  there is an advanced selection in the desktop properties where you can tick, run in administrator mode or something similar. try this. Other than that I can't think of anything else. Others still running win 7 might be able to help you from here.


For info, I am running win10 using Tower 2011! single player without any problems. There were a couple at the initial installation of win 10 but all good now.

Kev M 

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Hi Kev,

you say your running on windows 10, did you have any issues? I bought Tower Sim and can not get it to run even after following all the instructions about admin rights to folders, right click run as admin, install as admin etc.


my system is windows 10 pro nd dell laptop inspiron 5548

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//-------------------------- 2/29/2016 -- 15:55:06 -----
setModPaths: invalid mod path directory name: 'creator'
--------- Loading MODS ---------
Loading compiled script Tower/main.cs.
setModPaths: invalid mod path directory name: 'creator'
Loading compiled script common/main.cs.
Loading compiled script common/client/unicodeStrings.cs.
Loading compiled script Tower/client/defaults.cs.
Loading compiled script Tower/server/defaults.cs.
Loading compiled script Tower/client/prefs.cs.
Loading compiled script Tower/server/prefs.cs.
Loading compiled script Tower/server/scripts/debug.cs.
============[ debug::init(1, 10) START ]============
============[ debug::init(1, 10) END ]============
Missing file: creator/main.cs!
Error: Unable to find specified mod: creator
common/main.cs (134): Unknown command onStart.
--------- Initializing MOD: Common ---------
Loading compiled script common/client/canvas.cs.
Loading compiled script common/client/audio.cs.
--------- Initializing Tower ---------
Loading compiled script Tower/client/init.cs.
Loading compiled script Tower/server/init.cs.
--------- Initializing Tower: Server ---------
Loading compiled script common/server/audio.cs.
Loading compiled script common/server/server.cs.
Loading compiled script common/server/message.cs.
Loading compiled script common/server/commands.cs.
Loading compiled script common/server/missionInfo.cs.
Loading compiled script common/server/missionLoad.cs.
Loading compiled script common/server/missionDownload.cs.
Loading compiled script common/server/clientConnection.cs.
Loading compiled script common/server/kickban.cs.
Loading compiled script common/server/game.cs.
Loading compiled script Tower/server/scripts/commands.cs.
Loading compiled script Tower/server/scripts/centerPrint.cs.
Loading compiled script Tower/server/scripts/game.cs.
--------- Initializing Tower: Client ---------
Loading compiled script Tower/client/scripts/audioProfiles.cs.
Loading compiled script Tower/client/ui/customProfiles.cs.
Loading compiled script common/client/message.cs.
Loading compiled script common/client/mission.cs.
Loading compiled script common/client/missionDownload.cs.
Loading compiled script common/client/actionMap.cs.
common/client/canvas.cs (12): Unable to find function videoSetGammaCorrection



Does any of the above make any sense?  I note there is no folder called 'creator'

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I answered yr other post before seeing this one. As yr running a laptop, check that yr video card is up to it. The program does not like my laptop at all & its got a fairly good video card in it. Also check the audio card is suitable/ funny things can happen during loading if the video card and/or the audio card are not loading correctly.

Also make sure yr video driver is up to date.

My main unit is 2 screens with a reasonable video card.

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