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Saitek Throttle Quadrant

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I've just bought an 'add-on' for my Saitek single throttle quadrant which replicates the three levers as a Boeing 737 set, i.e. spoiler, main throttle (one of both engines) and flaps.


The instructions said to set up and calibrate using FSUIPC (which I'm about to purchase) but I have no idea on setting this quadrant up....


Is there some sort of step-by-step guide on how to do this with FSUIPC as the You Tube videos look very complicated...?


Many thanks for any help.





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There no one way to "set up" any controller.  It all depends what contorls they are (I don't have any of the regular ones myself), and what sort of aircraft you fly, and how you like to fly it, and which specific add-on aircraft it might be.


FSUIPC calibration is no more complex than any other method, simple move lever, click, etc.  But is is a general tool with lots of facilities and more than one way of doing things because some ways work better with some aircraft and another way with others.


If a video on YouTube doesn't help then I don't think it will be usable to you, as I can't think of a better way. And that will be by a user, not myself -- I am the worst possible teacher you could imagine.


Try installing FSUIPC and reading the User Guide. If it really does look beyond you, don't buy it.



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