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Hello Tower community,


Lemme start I have always liked air traffic controller games like Kennedy Approach, Bao-Tower. Yesterday I found out about Tower 2011 which is basically a kind of the 'old' Tower game remake and it looks very interesting. However I have a few questions I hope you guys can answer for me:


1) It's nice to see the airport from the sky, but for me the most important are the Arrival/Departure radar (called DBRITE in this game if I'm not mistaken) and the Airport Awareness Radar (ADIRS). In Bao's Tower I was able to stretch these two Windows to any size I like on my screen and zoom in/out to any level I liked. I checked some video's on youtube about tower 2011 and noticed the zoom in/out function but.... can I also stretch these two Windows to any size I want or is it a fixed size?


2) Can I also move the DBRITE and ADIRS windows to a 2nd screen connected to my PC like I am able with BAO's Tower? This would only be helpfull IF I can stretch those windows ofcourse...


3) One major problem I had/have with BAO's Tower is with arriving airplanes. There is no option to see where they wanne go after landing (which RAMP number). So it's always guessing a bit which way they want to taxi to the ramp. Does Tower 2011 offer an option to show to which Ramp Location they wanne taxi (for arrival planes)?


More question I'll probably have but forgotten them at the moment. I guess these 3 are the most important.


Thanks for making time answering,


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That's really awesome! I'm started to get really interested now. It's like the old Tower added with the knowledge where the arriving planes want to go!! Glad to see 3 times YES on my questions and you were able to answer my questions so quickly.


Last questions:


1) Can I setup the game with like how many arrival / departing flights I want to occur during for example 1 hour of playtime. If not, is there a mod or fanbased made thing that can make that possible? Something like a random traffic generator based on my input settings?


2) I'm not planning on playing multiplayer and I am running Windows 7. Is there any reason I need to buy the multiplayer edition?


Thanks again,


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You cannot set the actual number of arrivals/departures, but there is a sliding scale (0-100%) for controlling the arrivals/departures.  However, the number of arrivals is always governed by how many parking spaces are available at the assigned terminals.  Each airline has one or two terminals, but you can change that by editing certain files.  You can only set the starting time of a session, not its length.


For creating schedules, check out the "Schedule Creator" topic in the Tower forum.  To use "Schedule Creator" you have to buy and install Nyerges' "Real Traffic."


No need to buy multiplayer if you are not going to use it.

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