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conditional control to FS controls/FSUIPC offsets

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This is a strange request so I didn't know how to set up the Topic Title, but in any case, here is my request:


Does anyone know a clever way, within FSUIPC.ini to activate an FS Control (6xxxx) or FSUIPC offset (xXXX) without the activation a push-button or key to initiate the variable? In other words, I am looking for a way that under a certain condition, a variable can be activated automatically. Starting on page 24 in the manual, there are numerous techniques but all require a push-button or keyboard input. I suppose one could make an *.xml gauge or a  *.lua library but I would like to do it, if it's possible, within FSUIPC.ini. Thanks.

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Why in the INI file especially? 


You seem to be asking for a general method of programming to be implemented within the INI file! This is what Lua plug-ins are for. It is so easy with a few lines in Lua, it would be rather daft of me to implement the same sort of decision making and resulting action in an INI file, don't you think?


If the Lua plug-in facility had been implemented first I wouldn't have added that rather complex and arcane method of conditional button assignments in the INI file -- it is so much simpler and more flexible and obvious in Lua that it would have been far preferable, and would have saved all that tortous explanation with examples in the Advanced User's manual!


Just think of Lua plug-ins as other types of INI file, but with a saner syntax. :-)



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I realize programming can be done with a gauge or lua, I mentioned that above and have done that. But I would like to reduce extra mcro's, lua's and xml's - if possible. As the years and aircraft have built up, those files are becoming quite extensive in number. I recently purchased VRInsight's Airbus FCU, and with many attempts, I cannot make it work like I can with mPanel and CDU-I. As you are aware, with FSUIPC's ability to divert com ports, extra buttons can be obtained. However, and like I said with several attempts and scenarios, the FCU is unable to function (or see the diverted com port) like mPanel and CDU-I. It supposedly can work with FS Controls (6xxxx), but I was not able to get it to work either. So this was to see if someone had a clever method - other than xml's and lua's - no biggie if not possible.

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It mainly depends on the condition, which you didn't specify, what to use. From my experience LUA is the most flexible way here. It will do, what you are expecting. And you can react on a lot of conditions.




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Yes, yes, yes, I mentioned it twice and Pete Dowson mentioned it once about using lua's, I have made and use many of them... I was just wondering if someone had found  a way to set conditions within FSUIPC.ini without an actual push-button or keyboard input. Further mention of lua is not required. It's along story but VRiSight's FCU is a piece of crap compared to its mPanel and CDU-I and am looking for an alternative than adding more xml gauges and lua libraries - if it was possible. Again, it's no biggie...


I guess I lied, it must be a biggie or I wouldn't have kept trying or searching until I got what I could use. From A2A Simulation forum, someone very smart instructed to list the Lvar's in a .mcro file - I didn't know this could be done. And then buttons, and in my case (due to VRInsight's FCU - ugh), keys can be assigned to the .mcro file. This allows me to now use the FCU with CaptainSim's 757 without addition lua's and is easier and faster (for me) to use. I had already written lua's for the pushbuttons but I needed keys because after much effort, I couldn't get the COM port diverter to work for the extra buttons like I did with the mPanel and CDU-I. I was going to go into the individual xml's but no longer required either. :) In the Advanced User's manual, on page 42, it explains it but with so much to learn of FSUIPC, not to mention other things, this eluded me. But boy, is it handy.

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