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The future of Tower! 2011


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Is anyone else perplexed/conflicted by the recent release of so many new add-on airports for Tower!2011?  I do envision continuing to use T2011 for some time, while I wait for T!3D to be fortified with a reasonable number of add-on airports, but am unsure about purchasing any new ones.  I honestly feel very tempted by a couple of them (especially since they are included in the Memorial Day sale), but am having a hard time justifying the purchase with the new platform being right around the corner.   Does anyone else feel the same way? 

I want to make it clear that I am NOT making light of the effort that went into developing these new airports.  Indeed, it makes me feel a little sad.  If they had been released a year ago, I would have snapped most of them up instantly.  Please share your thoughts on this.

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I believe 2011 will be updated after 3D is released/bug fixes, (i think i read it somerwhere) so I would guess there will be more add-on's to come.

I dont think thie idea is for 3D to be treated as a replacement to 2011, but as a seperate simulator/game.

I will continue with 2011, i like it, i dont think my computer could handle a 3d version anyway, would guess it would use a lot of power to run smoothly.



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First of all about T13D's power hungriness; it has a quality slider and sometimes I test it on a PC tablet without much problem (of course a rainy LAX at night can cause some fps drops.).

However Sim Smith Design (a new partner) asked me to pass along his Facebook page and he would like to take requests about upcoming T!2011 airports. His Facebook page is at https://www.facebook.com/SimSmithDesign/


Thank you



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