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QNH pressure changes at destination

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On a very short flight from LIMZ to LIMF of about 12 minutes the QNH was 1009Mb for both airports. The value having been input to the sim by FSRealWX.exe. I was using PF3 which picks up stuff via FSUIPC. AT the origin LIMZ PF3 quoted QNH1009 correctly and again when being handed over to approach. But when I was cleared to land the Tower quoted QNH1013. It would appear from the log that FSUIPC knew that the pressure at LIMF was 1009 but for some obscure reason it changed it slowly back to 1013.

I know for sure that the pressure was correct at the destination because I teleported there before loading the ATC software to double check my instruments. Thereafter upon landing my standby altimeter correctly showed the airport elevation and the precision set to QFE correctly showed zero. So what's going on?


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No idea, sorry. FS9 weather control was always precarious at best, and the code doing this stuff is a good 12 years old. Have you tried turning pressure smoothing off?

You might want to ask FSRealWX folks too. I'm afraid I don't know that program.



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