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Tower!2011: RJ1H Model change


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You have to do it from the planeEd (run as admin) bottom right is a field with the plane image and the word DEFAULT, highlight it and delete it then go add ATP file and search for the rg1 .ATP file select it and the image will show in the window, if correct highlight it again and change the set name code to DEFAULT then save overwriting original.


Hopefully that will work



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The RJ1H airplane has the correct image, .. and is not the problem.

The problem is because of some weird bug with the PlaneEd program, .. which doesn't seem to load or save the correct aircraft type or code.

If you run PlaneEd, .. and load the AR1.apx file (RJ1H), .. you will notice that the Plane Type and Code both indicate AR1, .. which is correct for the aircraft.

However, .. if you use a Text Editor, to open the AR1.apx file .. you will see that the aircraft type and code are incorrect i.e. airplane type="ARJ" code="ARJ" class="2"

Change these 2 fields to AR1 .. and save the file.

The correct Aircraft BAE-RJ100 will now be displayed.



In the Tower.log file, .. you will notice that BEL2102 now has the correct aircraft type.

BEL2102 - STATE: Waiting
Create airplane: BEL2102 type: AR1 code: AR1 category: 2 class: REGIONAL JET

.. previously, with the incorrect Aircraft Type and Code it displayed:

BEL2102 - STATE: Waiting
Create airplane: BEL2102 type: Regional_default code: DEFAULT category: 2 class: REGIONAL JET

.. which is why the wrong aircraft image was being displayed.


So, just manually edit the AR1.apx file, .. change the ARJ to AR1, .. and you should be good to go. :)

I've uploaded my corrected AR1.apx file, .. in case you didn't want to edit stuff. Make a backup of your original if you want to play it safe .. ;)







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