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Engine stall on FSX startup

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Very new to FSUIPC so I know much info i gotten from forums.  After installing FSUIPC I built up specific profiles for each of my aircraft.  I have noticed on my Carenado C208 Cargomaster  it will shut down after I startup FSX.  I adjust the throttle, prop and mixture and hit Ctrl+E for a start but nothing happens.  I have it set to be ready to fly so should have engine running and ready to go.  I have rechecked all buttons and axis setting and it appears to be right.  I am sure I might have over looked something in setup.  Most other planes will continue to run after starting FSX.  I use saitek Pro Flight Yoke system and extra throttle quadrant. I have marked the throttle and set levers where they are supposed to be. 

Thanks for any help you guys can give.


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FSUIPC doesn't do anything on its own, only what you ask for to do it.

Make sure you have all needed things active that the engine can run:

- available fuel in tanks
- tank selector correct set
- mixture to max
- Engine Fuel Valve open

In case most other aircrafts, I guess default ones, work correct it will have to do with standard setting you use that will not work in that add-on aircraft.

Can you physically see that really all function in the profile are working correct in the cockpit of the aircraft? Add-on aircrafts very often don't use standard FS controls but there own programmed logic.

I would recommend to remove the profile settings for the C208 and put them back one after each other to see which one causes the problem.


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