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USBAXES PLUS V2 OPENCOCKPITS don't work with fsuipc or LINDA

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Hello. My name is Sudqui El Garady. I have a cockpit in my home wich I have build little by little. I have FSX, Windows 7 64 bits and fsuipc last version.

I'm using 738 PMDG and recently I bought 5 USBAXES cards in OPENCOCKPITS for programming a OVHD I'm building. When I connected the card to the swiches and the buttons the fsuipc don't recognize the button presses or the actions of the switches. However in the configuration-controls-calibrate from de simulator the card is recognize ad too the presses of the buttons. From the support deparment of opencockpits told me that I have to wait to a new update to make it work. What do you think is happening?

It's possible to make work this kind of card with fsuipc?


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13 minutes ago, sudqui1969 said:

It's possible to make work this kind of card with fsuipc?

If it appears to Windows as a standard joystick device, with buttons and maybe axes, then, yes, FSUIPC will see it -- but it must have a registered ID number (0-15) in Windows. Quite a few devices seem to install without such being assigned -- this is becoming more frequent with Windows 10, but it occurs sometimes in Windows 8 as well.

Sight of the FSUIPC4 log file content would have been useful.

You can force an ID for it using the JoyIDs program -- see the FAQ subforum. The very first entry there is
"Fixing joystick connections not seen by FSUIPC".



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