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FsRadioPanel won't work.

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Hello. I managed to find FSUIPC4 in FSX. But when I try to run FRP I still can't get a connection. The app just won't work. Any procedure to get the app locked in and functional? Do I have to do it through FSUIPC, and if so, how?

Thanks. W

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I tried the demo few months ago and it worked.

(though then I tried the demo of PW372 Radio Stack and decided to buy that one, because I just want the radio panel in a single view, not having to switch between various panels)

Both need a separate server component on your FSX computer and your phone/tablet has to be able to access it. As alaxus said, just follow their corresponding instructions.

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  • 3 years later...

FSRADIOPANEL with FSUIPC4 not fonctioning.

All the settings are ok

run in administrator mode / conneced FUIOPC OK/listebning port 9696 (open  on the pc)/ip correctly put in the server

but no connecting and no loading

antivirus problem or fire wall disabled ?

Very disturbed by maby tests 

Can You help ?

Thanks Pierre Leleux (deafpilot)


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23 hours ago, Pierre LELEUX said:

run in administrator mode

Are you running both the FS and FSRADIOPANEL as administrator? Both programs need to be ran at the same privilege level.

The firewall shouldn't affect communication between processes on the same machine, but that depends on the configuration so you may wish to check this.

You could post your .log and .ini files and I'll take a quick look to see if there is anything unusual. Other than that, I think you would be better off contacting the support for  FSRADIOPANEL Are you getting any errors at all?


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