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Dear Folks,

We released a patch for KJFK. It should fix the entry to the runways (originally the planes made a little extra turn before they went onto the runways), added some new taxiways at RWY 31L, fixed some terminal routing.

Also we fixed some terminal spinners but....

Let me give you some background about the terminal spinners. In T!3D we made a new system for parking as the gates needs to reach to the airplanes. Now the docking is a pretty advanced code so it requires the plane to stop at an exact point (just like in real life). The plane has a mass and it needs to slow down so if the turn to the gate is not exact it misses the stopping point therefore it tries to go back (ie: spin). We have to make every single entry to the parking position position very precisely. So far we did a 99% good job, but when we failed you guessed right; dance begun. So during PRO's development we are testing a new code that should eliminate these spinners on the code level. If we nail it we will release a patch for non pro too (free of charge of course as usual).

You can get the file the usual way; existing customer can re-download their product from the same link, new customers automatically receive KJFK with this new SP. Please uninstall KJFK first before you re-install it. 

PLEASE KEEP THIS TOPIC CLEAN ANY BUG REPORT WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT WARNING. If you notice some issue with KJFK, please open a new topic.


Thank you for your patience


Vic & Co 

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Vic & co,

Thank you for an extremely informative post. The title gives a clear indication that an SP is available and I for one think that is brilliant. The instructions on how to download & install are very helpful to a newbie like me. The explanation of the root cause is very honest & enlightening. I have seen spinners at LAX so I hope all spinners will be illuminated in the future with your code change. I delete the very small number of spinning aircraft that I find but what would happen if I did not? Would they spin for ever or would they pushback correctly when departure time arrives?

Keep up the good work.

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