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Uninstal.exe conflict for RT_Tower3D and KJFK_for Tower3D


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There seems to be a file conflict when installing, or should I say when un-installing KJFK_for_Tower3D and/or RT_Tower3D   The files are named the same and placed in the same directory.

The un-install file for Tower!3D is fine, since it is named Uninstall-tower3d.exe, but the un-install files for KJFK_for_Tower3D and RT_Tower3D are named uninstal.exe and both are in the C:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower 3D folder. So depending which you install last is what will un-install.  However, you will have to install the other first before you can un-install it, after un-installing he previous add-on.  Confused? I know I am, but I have an excuse, I'm old :)

There are three things that happen when you get old,
The first is you loose your memory, and I forget the other two,

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I'm also old and so reading you email filled me with dread. However, I had uninstalled KJFK and reinstalled the new version successfully - perhaps by accident? I went through my aviation career with the mantra "I'd rather be lucky than good". Clearly it still applies to this day!



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