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NEW Update for Tower 3D Real Color KJFK


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I just got an email saying there is a new update for Tower 3d Real Color KJFK. It is supposed to be from  nyergesdesign and the file is on Dropbox. It also has a new security code. Is this an upgrade or is someone phishing using our forum info?

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When I received my free KJFK from Nyerges because of the issue with the bundle, it came as a dropbox link.  However, this was last night, and the file did not say "SP1" or simi9lar.  it was just RC_Tower3D_KJFK.exe.  What was the title of the file you received,and did it come from " info@nyergesdesign.com "?  If so then it is probably legitimate.  If not, I would email Nyerges Design at the above address and ask.

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The file came from the same address with the file name. It is exactly the same size as the original file.  I was on another forum for another game that was phished by someone who obtained the email list of members. I just wanted to alert other members in case this was a similar scam. I apologize if the email was legitimate but I didn't want to see us get involved in a similar situation.

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