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  1. GKibby

    EDDS SP1 is out now

    EDDS SP1 has been released. I just downloaded it from Feelthere.
  2. GKibby

    New Web Site

    I like the new layout. It seems much easier to check recent products and the pictures with them. You might want to check the pics for KSFO Real Color. They are for another product. George
  3. I am a long time user of the Tower series and run it almost every day. I run Tower!3D Pro. I prefer to play a more sedate pace than the high activity hours at most airports. I appreciate Dick Parker's program, Schedule Creator. I use it very often but 2 problems have cropped up. First, the program has aged as new airplanes and airlines (and mergers) have effected the program. Second, we have started adding airports that are are not in Schedule Creator (EDDM is the first). I can appreciate that Dick said he has other priorities than updating SC. This brings up a couple of questions: Is there a flight frequency list for Real Traffic schedules so I can pick hours with a comfortable amount of traffic? I can cut traffic down using the slider on the main screen but knowing the number of flights would make the choice possible. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to set the flights to a comfortable level for me (40 to 50 flights per hour)? Thanks for the help. George
  4. GKibby

    KSFO Taxiways commands

    I thought we were to use the phonetic alphabet for communications. This would be Foxtrot 1. That has always worked in the past not with this update. George
  5. GKibby

    KSFO Rwy 10R traffic jam

    I ran into the same problem. An aircraft told to taxi to runway 10l will continue to taxi right onto the runway. I tried hold short of runway 10l and the aircraft still taxis right onto the runway. George
  6. GKibby

    'Slight' glitch at KPHX

    Everything worked fine when I first installed KPHX. Then I suddenly started having the same problem. I realized it started just after a Windows 10 upgrade so I tried the Microsoft Solution. I deleted the Feel There directory and reinstalled the latest version of each program. I have not had this problem since (knock on wood).
  7. I just accepted that s part of the "job". I would just move that aircraft to a longer runway.
  8. Using the mouse for routing is straightforward. After you select the destination (such as 25R), right click on the taxiway(s) you want the plane to use in the ADRIS before clicking send. This also works for intersection takeoffs. After you select the runway, right click on the intersection you want to use before clicking send.
  9. GKibby

    Tower 3D Pro At My Wits End

    Something else to try, Run Tower 3D as administrator. It seems to clear up a lot of issues.
  10. GKibby

    KLAX Terminal Assignments

    Dick Parker made an excellent program called Schedule Creator. You can chose the number of planes per hour. I use it all the time. You will find it pinned to the top of the main page of this forum. I hope you enjoy SC as much as I do.
  11. GKibby

    Tower3D! - KJFK Taxi to Terminal Issues

    I had the same problem. Large airports like KJFK with so many possible taxi routes really work my computer. I have found I can help a lot just by giving the arriving aircraft at least 1 taxiway instruction. Just a simple "taxi to terminal via A (or B)" eliminate a lot of route choices. The planes start to taxi a lot quicker.
  12. You might want to check out airnav.com It has tons of info on each airport. It has all the departure procedures in the left column near the bottom. Just browsing quickly, most seem to end at or below 3000.
  13. GKibby

    KLAX Terminal Assignments

    Thank you. That place sure looks different.
  14. GKibby

    Little Help with Tower 3d Pro

    Assign the taxi route after the plane is pushed out. There are 3 ways to give taxi directions to departing flights in Tower!3D Pro. After the pilot announces he is "ready to taxi", you can: Type in the full command Left click on the plane or flightstrip, then left click on "Taxi to", then the correct runway, then right click on the taxiways (on the ADIRS) you want the plane to take before you click send. The voice command (for KPHL) might go like this - "AWI123 runway 27R taxi via Echo, Hotel". Be sure to pause a second between taxiway names. A quick tip from someone who has done this many times, if you give a plane the wrong runway with the pushback permission, just use the correct runway with the taxi command. The pilot will refigure the taxi route (or you can do it for him). The same system works for intersection takeoffs. At KLAX, the instruction might be "AAL123 runway 25R at Gulf".
  15. GKibby

    Reak Color KATL Tower 3D Pro

    I can appreciate all the comments on Real Traffic and Real Color. I guess I approach the game differently. I normally play with RT and RC and a Schedule Creator schedule so I can make the session as challenging (or not) as I want. I enjoy playing with real airline names and the actual liveries as they add to the realism. RT is updated for each new airport at no extra charge. RC is less than $8 no matter how many new liveries are included. With the new airports priced at $20, I get each new airport with updated RT and new planes in RC for less than $30. I consider that the price of a new airport that I can play the way I enjoy most.

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