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KSAN Cargo Ac Taxi Problems


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Before I get told to attach a log file, I have tried to create one several times.  I start T3D with the windows batch file, the run window opens as well as T3D but when I finish the session there is no log file to be found anywhere in the Tower 3D folder.  Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

Anyway, onto my observations at KSAN.

1. 757 cargo aircraft that land on 27 exit at B6, taxi along B, then cross 27 at B5 to C5 without stopping!  No need for a 'Continue taxi' command!

2. 767 cargo aircraft that land on 27 exit at B7, taxi along B, then cross 27 at B6 to C6 without stopping before crossing the active runway.

3. All cargo aircraft do a 360 spin when reaching taxiway F; taxi through any parked aircraft (see screenshot) then do some more circles for no known reason before parking.

I am using T3D SP2a, RT sp6, with original KSAN and original RC for KSAN.

FDX 1754.jpg

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Dosado!  It occurs to me that in reality this would actually be really cool to see.  Would certainly make for an incredible YouTube video, though I expect the airline insurance companies would have something unpleasant to say about it.  Get a bunch of airline pilots with extremely good taxi skills together on an airport with a large tarmac, and have an old fashioned square dance using 748s, A380s, and lots of fast moving wingwalkers with radios.  We would finally learn just how useful those external view cameras could be.  More realistically, it would be pretty neat to try in multiplayer FSX.

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