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Dear Folks,

A Service Pack for San Diego has been released.

What is fixed:
-taxiway A is added
-the taxiway at the new terminal has been changed to one way to allow some controlling in that area
-fixed some taxiway exits from the runway
-changed the commuter terminal's stands
-changed the tower's position to the correct one

What is NOT changed:
-the planes will still stop on taxiway B after landing. This is not a bug, they must cross the holding line outside so they will stop on the taxiway. You need to consider it and pre-plan while you control on the airport
-airplanes that must cross their runways that later will use for departure will stuck. This is not a bug of KSAN instead of T!3D. We will issue a free SP including this fix, but until then unfortunately the only solution we can provide is to delete those traffic.

As usual; existing customers can use their download link to re-download the product.

Thank you for the patience



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Hi Vic,

I downloaded using the original link and the file was exactly the same size (82,738 KB) and the same title as the original (KSAN_for_Tower3D). Normally you add an SPx, have I jumped the gun and SP1 is not yet available via BMT Micro or is that the SP1 file but not labelled as such?

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I've had something similar today. I noticed on the feelthere website that Real Color for KSAN had been released, so I purchased the item & received the download links for it. However when I entered the code for the product after attempting it 5 or 6 times I couldn't install it as the next button remained faded & despite checking the product code in the e-mail still couldn't get it to work. I then re-downloaded the KSAN file as I read on here that SP1 was availble. Installed that OK, but when I go back to the download links for the Real Color for KSAN & sekect any of the 32 links from BMT micro the only file it hives me to download is the KSAN SP1. My question is, is the Real Color for KSAN included in SP1 for KSAN? If it isn't then I don't seem to be able to download the Real Color file from the links sent by BMT micro despite paying for it.

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Hi 58050,

KSAN SP1 is only for the airport and the default fantasy traffic.  Real Traffic adds real world airlines and those aircraft which will appear all white unless Real Color KSAN is also installed.  They are 3 distinctly different products.  Just make sure that you are using the correct product registration key for the Real Color KSAN installation.  If you are and it still will not install then an email to cservice@bmtmicro.com would be my next step; in my experience their customer service is excellent. 

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OK winsaudi thanks for the advice. Tried it again to download from the 3 links BMT micro sent, but again it's only coming up with KSAN SP1 in the download box. I've open my downloads folder & all the other RC files are there for KJFK, TIST, KPHL & KLAX, but there isn't a RC file in the downloads folder for KSAN at all. I'll send them an e-mail on the address you've listed.

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