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Saitek Cessna Trim Wheel & Autopilot LUA

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Hi Pete,

this is about the problem of the misalignment of the Saitek trim wheel when disengaging the autopilot. As soon as you move the trim wheel the airplane bounces up or down related to the absolute position of the trim wheel. That is well known to all users of a trim wheel and really miserable.

I found in a X-Plane forum  an idea which leads imho to a really handy and reasonable workaround to avoid that problem:


i wrote a lua to deal with the problem.

what it does:

in AP mode the trim wheel disconnect from the trim axis

in non AP mode the trim wheel connects.

in most cases the trim wheel will be physically in the wrong pos in relation to the ac trim axis,

so if you move the wheel and he is out of sync, you get a display on the left side of your screen.

red if out of sync, green when in sync.

both values are visible so you can move the wheel to the correct ac setting.

only then the wheel axis connects to the ac trim axis and you can use it.

its possible you have to alter some settings due to different screen res.


For me this would be a great solution to get rid of the trim wheel problem.

Is it possible to realize that in FSX using a LUA?

And at least a question to the community: is there anybody who is able to write that LUA and would like to do that?


Thanks for your support,




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On 1/2/2017 at 0:35 PM, jschr said:

For me this would be a great solution to get rid of the trim wheel problem.

Is it possible to realize that in FSX using a LUA?

Yes. You'd need to assign the trim wheel to send its value to the Lua plug-in, which could be one already loaded and waiting on such an event -- loaded perhaps by an [Auto] entry in the INI file, or one loaded by the actual movement of the wheel (less efficient and maybe less responsive). In the former, and better, case, you'd send the value using the LuaValue control.

The plug-in would check the AP status (read an offset) to determine what to do -- to send it to the trim axis in FS or not. To display it first you'd use any one of the display options provided in Lua.



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