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9 hours ago, alexplgr said:

Hello any news about update of fsuipc, as I can see the latest version of fsuipc covers p3d v3.4 hf1

The latest full version, 4.959, handles P3D 3.4 .8, which is the latest version of P3D. It does say this clearly in the Changes notice included -- see item 26. Version 4.959 was released on the same day as 3.4.18, so the timing was perfect!




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2 hours ago, alexplgr said:

Yes it works with p3d but some addons like Simphysic-x  Fiber acceleration, Friction all products from FSPS they dont work with 4,959 hf1, i spoke with developers from fsps and they told that is required FSUIPC UPDATED FOR HF2

Sorry, but 4.959 IS the version updated for HF2. That's why I released it at the same time! They are fobbing you off.

Check the FSUIPC4.LOG in the Modules folder. It should have everything checked okay, like this:

     1545 -------------------------------------------------------------------
     1545 ------ Setting the hooks and direct calls into the simulator ------
     1545 --- CONTROLS timer memory location obtained ok
     1545 --- SIM1 Frictions access gained
     1545 --- FS Controls Table located ok
     1545 --- Installed Mouse Macro hooks ok.
     1545 --- Wind smoothing fix is installed
     1545 --- SimConnect intercept for texts and menus installed ok
     1545 --- All links okay (except older global weather setting method)
     1545 -------------------------------------------------------------------




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