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Traffic Limiter with 4.959n

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Hi Peter, Using latest fsuipc.dll 4.959n.

Traffic limiter still broken.

I use My Traffic Pro P3D. If I activate limiter using your settings AI appears briefly  then nothing, even with traffic 80

It worked fine with 4.959m.

PS  another subject I am using WIN 10 and all CTD,s have never re appeared with latest .dll.  (ie I do not have to reinstall FSUIPC )

Well Done




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13 minutes ago, granby said:

Using latest fsuipc.dll 4.959n

Please try version 4.96, just released. It works fine here.

Incidentally, no problem with the Limiter removing ALL traffic was ever reported, so I'm not sure what you mean by "still broken". The problem in several interim releases was that it said it was deleting traffic, but in fact wasn't, it was only counting deletions which didn't actually happen.

That was fixed in one of the interim releases (the final test version sent to those reporting problems was 4.959v, so you can see that a lot of different tests and reports occurred since 4.959n).

And what do you mean by "my settings"? I've been adjusting them a lot since my early postings. The proper documentation now just advises adjusting to your specific needs, experiment!



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HI Peter,

Installed 4.96. Increased Traffic to MAX Traffic appears the disappears.

Fine Peter I just used you settings as a datum.

Enclose my config file.

Have no doubt the problem is this end I assure you

Peter I assumed 1=Enabled.

I told you the problem was my end.

Now working Fine



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19 minutes ago, granby said:

Peter I assumed 1=Enabled.

How then would it know what number to limit it too? Isn't it clear in the write up that it's the actual limit, with only 0 turning the limiter off?  I'm not sure what you thought it could do without having something to aim at?



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