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Gentlemen, I made a lot of progress on my VB app by marvellous fsuipc client and Mr Dowson's harsh recommendations (Just kidding sir, you helped me a lot) and started receiving all of my intended offsets at some specific conditions, but something puzzles me..

When you start the fsx for the first time, while you are on the main screen, I mean before you actually get in the cockpit, we can limit the usage of the application by the help of some data lik the coordinates arriving as 0, airport name as blank etc. But, if you start a flight and then go back to the fsx main screen, fsx keeps sending data as if you are still in the cockpit. Is there any special technique you can advice me to find out if the sim is on main menu or not? I say again, it behaves differently depending on when you reached the main screen.

Gentlemen, I downloaded the fsuipcclient 2.4 but the user manual inside the zip belongs to 2.0. I made hundreds of google search to get the latest manual but I couldnt find it. Yesterday I learnt the excellent payloadservices codes from this forum, so I need to ask if there is a similar code for fuel services. Although I am able to calculate the amount of fuel by looking at all tanks, I feel there like is an easier way by some class. Is there ?

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the easiest way is to check both combined:
- 0x3365,1 if is in "Menu or Dialog" or 0x0264,2 if FS is paused 
- if so stop reading any other values
In case any AC is different just calculate the volume with the % level, works very precise.
But I actually don't know if Paul implemented a helper class for that, the other way was always easy enough.
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