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KSAN Cargo Screenshot


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14 minutes ago, AirborneCDS said:

Yes, and  I would like to hear more jet noises than automobile traffic--although I doubt you actually hear much from the tower.  Been a while since I toured PITTs tower and tracon but I don't recall hearing much from the outside. 

That is my recollection too, from the tower tours I have had years ago.  No doubt it is even more true when you are wearing a headset with radio traffic blaring in your ears ;-)

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nice shot, i just did get the add on as well yesterday i made a sheldule for it with 2000 flights on it , now thats a chanlenge on this aiport :) the pushback on the terminals are well done a few on the crago ramp sometimes hit other parked  AC but lucky no damage done :)

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Wow, 2000 would be a challenge.  I think they are at something like 600 movements daily at present. It is tough (or impossible) to get the separations as in RL. If I can get a departure in position on 27, I can get him off with an arrival about 3 miles--controllers seem to regularly take off and land with only 2 miles between them.  What would help this sim a lot would be keeping the arriving a/c on a quicker roll out pace.  They tend to slow down too much after touching down. 

 I have seen the strange pushbacks from cargo, too.  I do not run runway 9 too much but have seen pushback anomalies where a/c that get pushed out onto Bravo act like they are headed for 27 and then have to swing around for 9.  Not too big a deal but eats up some time. 

Finally, have you seen the a/c do the pirouette off of 27?  Right after TO, many a/c do this at about 500 ft AGL.  Pretty funny and I will have to try and capture with a screen shot.

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yea 2000 would be every 1.3 min a landing or take off he on one rwy thats  not possible,  but when all parking spots are taken no  more inbounds show up till there is again room. :) , when i did use click on taxi or runway to give the command i did get strange movements as well however if you type the complete taxi route it seems to be less, just sometimes when a heavy wants to line up on rwy 9 he makes a pirouette as well on the ground.

The trick i use  to have many AC off the ground is get 3  AC lined up almost all at the same time, sometimes even 4 when a GA is   ready to go, saves huge amount of time  but this can only be done when the rwy 9 is in use :) on 27 that don't works out . The prirouete you mention at TO i did not see yet but then again i hand off to Dep as soon there airborn :)

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