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Dear Folks,


We released a hotfix for some serious issue for SPa and now it's available for all Tower!3D Pro customers.

Atcsuite.com and FeelThere.com customers can re-download it using the link they got at the purchase and Steam customers can update Tower!3D Pro using Steam's update feature.

The list of fixes:
-Undocked ADIRS crashed at some users
-Selecting runways on undocked ADIRS weren't highlighted
-we changed the colors on ADIRS for some functions for better visibility
-double letter taxiways (such as KK on KJFK) should be preannounced correctly by the pilots now 
-on KLAX we fixed the houses on the runway 
-on KLAX we fixed some textures
-on KPHL we aligned the runway centerlines 
-we optimized some rendering by making the game run faster on some systems.

Since we locked the list of fixes of this SP we got some reports about new possible issues. Although they didn't make this SP it doesn't mean they will not be addressed in a next SP if necessary.

Thank you



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He yea a litle faster as well on my machine , about PB i don't gone complain they have updated the tug's engines :). Uploaded a new video of KPHL on my YT channel from KPHL ,  steam user can see the videos on steam as well now.

A runway incursion did get no penalties : did happen at rwy 35 PHL and taxiway H see it at about 32:00, phuw did keep my job

YT channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEX0A-JlwUx4F-5Xwb7jdew

Steam all tower 3d pro video's: http://steamcommunity.com/app/588190/videos/?p=1&browsefilter=mostrecent

Now time for some food , and thanks for the good work on this SP

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