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Gents, I have been chasing down an issue for quite sometime that I had with Radar Contact and after a lot of research I thought that somehow I may have had a simconnect issue.

Eventually, I got around to the FSUIPC.ini to see if anything there could give me a clue and I noticed my SimConnectStallTime was =20. I had certainly never touched that entry and after reading the manual, I saw its default was =1.

I changed mine to =1 and my issue did not seem solved and I went back into the .ini to examine the other entries and I saw my SimConnectStallTime was now =2 but half an hour ago I changed it to =1.

I deleted the entry all together and re ran FSX and it was now added as =1 and I flew and my problem was gone.

So returning to the .ini, it seems every time I start FSX the SimConnectStallTime is counting, so if I delete the entry and start FSX four times, it will change up one integer each time i.e. delete from .ini, run FSX, it is added as =1, shut FSX, re-launch, it now =2, shut down FSX, re-launch, it now =3 and so on, and all the way up to 20 where it seems to cap (and that is what my entry was when I first noticed it).

However, the functionality of the entry is working, thus causing my issue if it is more than =1!

I have the latest module 494f.

So, before I fly, I go into the .ini, delete the entry, it is added as =1 when FSX runs, and there is no problem.

I run FSX legacy (Delux Boxed) on Windows 10 Pro, with Radar Contact, AS16, PMDG 737, 747, 777, FSLabs A320, Majestic Q400 however all of the tests to see the counting integer effect were just with the default trike, thus eliminating that it is an add-on doing this. Strange hey?



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14 minutes ago, Thomas Richter said:


it looks like the increase (++) was maybe for test reasons added and not removed later.


Thanks Thomas, nice to know it is not me going around the bend!

I have been trying to work out the source of this issue for ages. I bought PF3 to stop using RC4 given PF3 is still supported and developed and it had the same problem (AI chatter stops after the first AS16 weather update at 15 minutes), so it was just a matter of slow elimination as it was too coincidental.

All the best, Mark.

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But remember the problem is not FSUIPC4, it is a overloaded SimConnect where FSUIPC4 lost data flow and it is the time allowed to stall before it reinitialising the connection to SimConnect. So with a higher value than 1 (1 second no data flow before reinitialising) it allows SimConnect for longer to recover itself.

But that shows that you have a problem on your system, one or more apps overload SimConnect that it stalls. You should find out what app that is first.


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