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FSUIPC Bindings for PMDG737 Engine Cutoff/Idle Lever

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I'm trying to set up some bindings with my Saitek throttle quadrants using a couple of the switches under the levers. What I would like to do is have the engine CUTOFF / IDLE levers under the  PMDG 737 throttle levers bound via FSUIPC to switches but I can't seem to find the right description to select in the drop down menu in the 'Control sent when button pressed' section of FSUIPC.

Has anyone done this?

Many thanks in advance.


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choose 'Control sent when button pressed' and select the first selection <custom Control>. Enter the control 70320 for left cutoff lever and press Ok. Use Parameter 0 (zero) for IDLE and Parameter 1 (one) for CUTOFF.

for ENG-2 <custom Control> 70321 and again Parameter 1 for CUTOFF and Parameter 0 for IDLE.


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Hi all,

I am trying to use offsets, I looked through all the staff that  I found about it... but I am lost...
So, I would be very kind, if I would get a little help...
I tried to use the example above.

I used the key "8", used <custom control> and "70320". I put in Parameter 1, when key pressed.
So far so good... it worked...

But now I have to questions...
Is it possible to use values, that I can use the key "8" for both positions (cutoff and idle). When I set the other parameter (0 or 1) when key released the it works (of course) when I hold down the key.. and when I release it, it flips back in the earlier position (I understand, why it does it).

So is it possible to say: 8 pressed -> cuttoff -> 8 released stay cuttoff -> 8 pressed again -> idle -> 8 released -> idle
Is that possible or do I have to use another key, 9 for example?

Second question:
I have looked in many manuals concerning offsets, but I never found that number (70320) - so where can I find this parameters? 

So I hope someone can bring me some light in the dark (I hope I can write it in that way, in german it fits perfect ;) )

By and thx


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you can do that by using Lua. It is different to what you normally do in FS because PMDG control things different.

Attached are the ipcReady.lua file to load/start Lua files and a KeyToControl.lua file that controls the Cutoff lever L/R in PMDG 737NGX. If you use already Lua files you only need to add the line to start the additional lua file, ipc.runlua('KeyToControl'). Otherwise paste both files into Modules folder.

The KeyToControl.lua is set to key '8' and '9' on main keyboard, they can be simple changed with the value (KeyCodes) of its variables:
-- variables
cutoff_L_Key = 56  -- '8' on mein keyboard
cutoff_R_Key = 57  -- '9' on mein keyboard

KeyCodes are all listed in ..\Modules\FSUIPC Documents\FSUIPC Lua Library.pdf file, page 19.




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