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CH-Pro Rudder pedals FSUIPC5 regognition

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11 hours ago, Roland said:

I found a problem with FSUIPC5.101e making a new entry for the CHPro pedals every time I start P3dv4.

After 3 times I have 3 entrys for the CHPro Pedals.

Only one such device is listed (joy ID 1). It's the letter assignment which goes wrong. And I don't thoink it's a new problem.

Thomas managed to isolate this problem on a different device altogether and in FSUIPC4. It is caused by there being a space at the end of the OEMname for the device in the Registry. That name is used in the INI file, but spaces at the ends of parameters effectively don't exist, so every time FSUIPC obeys the "AutoAssignLetters=Yes" request it sees that it is a different device.

This seems quite a rare occurrence -- you are only the second person to repprot it, including Thomas.

Setting that parameter should stop it, but version 5.101g, being released soon (probably this afternoon, as an Interim DLL only update, will fix it in any case. Keep an eye on the Download Links subforum.



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