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IvAp can not connect to FSUIPC

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Hi Pete,
I'm using P3DV4 / WIN10 / IvAp2.

IvAp gives me a error message the the connection to FSUIPC does not work. IvAp is installed on the same computer as P3DV4 and runs external. The connection to SimConnect is ok. The IvAp logs shows the problem as follow:

[2017-07-09 18:37:40] IvAp v2.0.2.2773 / Windows v6.2.9200
[2017-07-09 18:37:40] SimConnect: Linked to Acceleration Pack/SP2 version
[2017-07-09 18:37:40] SimConnect: connected to Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v4 v4.0 with SimConnect v4.0
[2017-07-09 18:37:40] Status: Successfully connected to the Flight Simulator
[2017-07-09 18:37:41] Teamspeak: trying to load sdk from D:\Program Files (x86)\IVAO\IvAp v2\TSRemote.dll
[2017-07-09 18:37:41] Teamspeak: sdk found and linked
[2017-07-09 18:37:41] Options: Weather is active
[2017-07-09 18:37:41] Weather: locking to departure / destination active
[2017-07-09 18:37:41] Weather: clear
[2017-07-09 18:37:41] Weather: unlocked from
[2017-07-09 18:37:41] Options: SDK active
[2017-07-09 18:37:41] FSUIPC: Connect #0 has failed
[2017-07-09 18:37:42] ServerPing: EU3 has a ping of 125 and a load of 0.251000
[2017-07-09 18:37:42] ServerPing: EU2 has a ping of 172 and a load of 0.238000
[2017-07-09 18:37:42] ServerPing: EU6 has a ping of 250 and a load of 0.244000
[2017-07-09 18:37:42] ServerPing: EU4 has a ping of 250 and a load of 0.253000
[2017-07-09 18:37:42] ServerPing: best server is EU2
[2017-07-09 18:37:42] FSUIPC: Connect #1 has failed
[2017-07-09 18:37:43] FSUIPC: Connect #2 has failed
[2017-07-09 18:37:44] FSUIPC: Connect #3 has failed
[2017-07-09 18:37:45] FSUIPC: connection failed, giving up

I could not fine any information about the connectivity problem at the FSUIPC log.

Any idea what the problem could be? I know it's an IvAp problem, but you might have the insides what the problem coud be :-)

Kind regards,


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first of all that should go to IvAp support because it is clearly a problem of that add-on. The can be caused by two possibilities, depending on what connection IvAp is using to connect to P3Dv4:

1/ If it uses SimConnect direct then FSUIPC is not involved at all

2/ if it uses FSUIPC is IvAp compatible with FSUIPC5, some add-ons use the FSUIPC version check and don't know the value 12 vor FSUIPC5 (only up to value 10 for P3Dv3)

So you would need to check with them what the problem is. Here might be a IvAp user that knows something but this Forum is the wrong place really.


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