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Hi i am coding in VB.net and want to add current FS version that is connected and im struggeling to get it working what i have sofar : 

Dim SimVers As Offset(Of Integer) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of Integer)(&H308) '  Shows what sim its connected to 

and then on a timer i have : 

LblSimVers.Text = SimVers.Value


and it displays : 655294464 when on P3D v4 
when the documentation says it should return numbers 1 thrue 10 

1=FS98, 2=FS2K, 3=CFS2, 4=CFS1, 5=reserved, 6=FS2002, 7=FS2004, 8=FSX, 9=ESP, 10=P3D

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The offset you need is 0x3308. It's only 2 bytes, not 4 so you need to declare it as UShort, not integer:

Dim SimVers As Offset(Of UShort) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of UShort)(&H3308) '  Shows what sim its connected to  

It's not in the documentation, but 64bit versions of P3D (V4 and future) will return 12.



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7 minutes ago, sniperfull said:

whats the difference between (Of Short) and (of UShort) ?
and would 11 be P3D V3 or is 10 for P3D v1/2/3?

10 is P3D1-3, 11 was reserved for the 64-bit FSX (which would be FSW, but not (yet?) supported), 12 is P3D4.

Oh, and the "U" means unsigned, but in this case it doesn't matter.



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UShort is an unsigned value so the values range from 0 to 65,535. Short is signed so the values are from -32,768 to 32,767

In this instance either UShort or Short will work because the values are only 0 to 12.

Value 10 is for P3D v1/2/3.

Value 11 has been reserved for Flight Sim World by Dovetail I think.

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9 hours ago, sniperfull said:

I've just used Offset 3124 and P3D V3.4 returns 0 ?
any way around that? because i need the specific version of p3d ...

3124 was "electric always available".  But it has been re-used since FSX for the specific version of the main FS version given in 3308, as documented in the FSUIPC4 Offsets Status document installed in your FSUIPC documents folder.

You are certainly making an error somewhere. I've just loaded P3D3.4 and checked offset 3124 and it reads "34" which is correct. I used the FSUIPC Logging tab monitor facility. Check it yourself.

BTW why wait from July 15th till now to ask again?




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