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Flysimware MU2 Marquise Starter Button.

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Hey folks, wanted to assign the MU2 starter to a Saitek Throttle quad. Button.

The 1 I found to sort of work is the Start Select 1 and 2.   I have it set to repeat while button is held. When I do this, the starter engagement will surge until light off. IE like it's toggling the starter.

The way the MU2 starter works in the sim and real airplane.  You press and hold the starter button down, it will illuminate yellow, indicating engagement.

Continue to hold the button down, till the engine lights off, then release the button.  As said it will sort of work with the FSUIPC selection.

When pressing the switch, the starter will engage, but as mentioned, will cycle till the engine lights off. Then I'll get the yellow starter light, and everything functions normally for the rest of the start.

Also, should see an increase in RPM when starter engaged, don't see anything until after releasing the starter button on the Saitek. Then again, all starter functions work fine on the MU2.

Any thoughts on what else I could use for the starter button, to have normal functionality throughout the start?    Thanks for any thoughts.




EDIT: OK new discovery.   I'm running a LUA script for the MU2 throttles. Throttles function just fine. However, when I use the start button on the Saitek; created in FSUIPC, my throttles become erratic. After starting engines, I noticed the throttles have moved from the position set, towards the reverse area. They are also split. When I try and move them, I get erratic behavior from the throttles. Either left or right.   If I start the MU2 using the mouse, everything works fine, including throttles.  Could the holding of the button be messing up the LUA script somehow?


Thanks for any insight.



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On 7/22/2017 at 3:53 AM, dwbarnett said:

Could the holding of the button be messing up the LUA script somehow?

Lua plug-ins run in their own thread. they cannot be "interfered" with. If operating another control on the aircraft affects the result of the Lua script then it is something else going on in the add-on aircraft. If the throttle data being sent by the Lua script is not being applied, or is being applied but then changed, then something else is doing thst -- something else is dealing with throttles.

I'd normally suspect that other assignments to the throttles are responsible -- either in the Sim or in FSUIPC assignments.

Really that's the only part of your post I can comment on. I've no idea about anything in that add-on aircraft. For that you need to post in a forum which deals with that add-on and see if others have a clue. But to help you investigate what is going on there are plenty of Logging options provided in FSUIPC. Have you thought of using any of those?



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