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Tower 3D Pro At My Wits End


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Right.  I'm at a real loss here.  I have downloaded Tower 3D Pro.  Right off the bat, voice recognition does not work, nor do pilot voices.  Secondly, does anyone have correct install paths for Real Traffic and Real Colors?  For a game I paid $80 for, I'd think I wouldn't need to go in to the game files to ensure proper installation, but I guess not.

Notes: Planes are not white, but are not the real liveries.
I have run the .exe in Admin and no voice or audio issues were resolved.
I have English U.S. as my language setting and I have set up Windows voice recognition prior to download.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Alot of people are having issues with voice I can only give my views for what its worth.  Most of the time issues with things not working at startup seem to be Admin Rights therefore if you open the directory where FEELTHERE is installed right click to bring up a list with Properties being at the bottom -- Security,   then allow Permissions for all your group and users names by ticking every thing you can,  Do the same for Tower3d Pro Applications found in the Feelthere folder and the same for MNWINDOWS. Applications  You can start Pro from Tower 3d Pro using right click Run as Admin.as well as the Icon on the Desktop.


If you have WIN 7 I had to go to WIN 10 to obtain voice.

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No. Downloaded straight to PC.  

Now planes are all white, which I think means I got real traffic installed correctly.  However, I downloaded the real colors three pack for the discounted price, however, I don't know the correct install paths to get the real liveries and colors.  

UPDATE: After reinstalling game and running in admin, voices are now working! 

Now I just need to figure out how to get the real liveries on the planes and I'll be all set!  Any thoughts?

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4 hours ago, Flightsimpilot said:

I see you're nearly there try this.   <Drive>\<Tower Root>\Extensions\Airfields for Real Traffic. Same except \Airplanes for Real Color.

Airports add-ons and Real Traffic should be installed in the Tower root folder. Real Color needs to be installed in the Texturepacks folder. Below is a link where I provide a little more detail.



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