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Tower 3D Pro voice unstable


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just downloaded Tower 3D Pro and the voice recognition is behaving very funky.

It understands every word i say and my commands are getting processed like a charm.

But i only get sporadic readbacks. Sometimes airplanes respond and talk to me, sometimes they don't (all in the same session). Which is very annoying because i'm losing track of arrivals etc.

The longer i play, the more silent it gets.

For me it seems to be a coding problem, looks like the speech recognition software is flooding itself.

I set the Priority for towerspeakbridge.exe to "realtime" which solves the problem for 1-2 minutes.

Sometimes the voice recognition stops altogether after some time, which seems to be known issue.


Started the game as administrator, no addons installed. WIndows 7 Ultimate


Speech Log

Game Log


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Regarding the stopping of the voice recognition, this is the part of the log file:

Voice randomly stopped after 27 mins:


EXCEPTION base:A task could not complete because the Speech Recognizer engine had timed out.
EXCEPTION src:System.Speech
EXCEPTION stack:   at System.Speech.Recognition.RecognizerBase.RecognizeAsyncStop()
   at System.Speech.Recognition.SpeechRecognitionEngine.RecognizeAsyncStop()
   at towerspeakbridge.Recog.Loop()
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Thank you for your reply, but my post contains all the necessary information listed in your thread.


game recognizes all my voice inputs,

game was launched in admin mode,

speech settings are correct

newest Tower3d Pro Version (Steam)

Logs are listed above

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