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Newbie Basic Qs (Runway selection, etc.)


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Just got Tower! 3D Pro after watching a couple nice youtube sessions that made me curious. I have a bit of learning to do, but come from the flight sim world including VATSIM so I don't expect the curve to be that high. 

I am having a few issues that the community might be able to help with:

1. When you start the game, you're asked to select runways. I assume this is to set the actives? What is the impact of these selections? Is this just for arriving flights? Can I still assign the other runways to aircraft?

2. Why am I setting the actives if I haven't seen the wind yet? What I find is I set them, go into the game and then find the wind the wrong way and flights now inbound for a runway they won't land at.

3. When I installed the game I didn't get a shortcut of any sort or menu entry. The only option I have is to uninstall the game. 

4. Is there a way to disable the music in the start up menu?

5. Is there a way (at Philly for example) to zoom closer into aircraft than what appears to be the default zoom limit? 

6. Can you change the default key for mic from LEFT SHIFT? As is I keep getting harassed by Windows and the whole "Stick Keys" nonsense. I'm much rather just use the right mouse for mic.

7. My menus all act as if I'm holding a cursor key down. If I try to select an airport the highlight moves up or down on its own. If I try to assign "Turn Left" and set it to say, 0 degrees, the degree bar will just ascend on its own without my touching anything making it very hard to give accurate commands.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Enjoying the experience so far, though I need to train voice as that's been nearly useless out of the box for me. I'm sure that can improve heavily.


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1. Yes, you set active Landing rwy to start the session and yes you can change them as soon as the game starts..

2. Don't know why you have to select at least one(maybe to have a rwy available if a plane enters your airspace immediately after start of session) and why they don't show you the wind to start with but if you're quick you can change the rwy's immediately after startup so you might get away with no landing aircraft in sight..

3. Yes, known issue, just create your own shortcut to Tower3d.exe and you're settled..

4. Left upper corner press the speaker

5. Nope

6. Nope. you will have to disable sticky keys when it rears its ugly head ;)

7. Happens to more people but no definitive solution found as of yet..



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Thanks. All great info. In speech training now. Ugh. Stuck on one phrase in the second round. Never been a fan of recognition and I've been pretty interested in it (and worked in it) since it first started gaining interest in the 80s. It's just never quite good enough. People will say, "It's 95% accurate", which sounds great until you realize that's five screwed up words in every 100 and that is well off the mark of acceptability. Oddly, with today's text/twitter users it might become perfectly acceptable. hehe

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