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Intersection takeoffs and taxi instructions


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For a regular taxi-to-runway instruction, the phraseology is "RUNWAY (rwy), TAXI VIA (route)."

However, for intersection departures, Tower!3D seems to only accept "RUNWAY (rwy) AT (ixn) VIA (route)." I couldn't find a specific rule in the FAA document about this, but I would expect it to be "TAXI VIA (route)" instead of just "VIA." It'd be nice to unify these to both use (or at least support) the "TAXI VIA" phraseology. Or, if I've missed something that shows it should *not* use TAXI, I'd be very interested in reading it.



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Looking at the FAA policy I couldn't find a specific taxiway routing example just using VIA either. 

If desired, a modification can be made to the tower3d.rec file in the tower root folder using a text editor (notepad) to implement the TAXI VIA phraseology.

Looking at tower3d.rec we currently have two options for intersection departures:
#airplane1; RUNWAY ;#runway1; AT ;#taxiway1
#airplane1; RUNWAY ;#runway1; AT ;#taxiway1; VIA ;#taxiway2;#taxiway3;#taxiway4;#taxiway5;#taxiway6

The second option can be modified as follows (or you could add this as a third option)
#airplane1; RUNWAY ;#runway1; AT ;#taxiway1; TAXI VIA ;#taxiway2;#taxiway3;#taxiway4;#taxiway5;#taxiway6

I've tested the modifications and they work. As always, it is recommended to backup the original if you decide to make custom edits.


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