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Various Tower 3D Pro Issues


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I utterly love Tower 3D but I'm having a few issues with it. One is a regular CTD, no obvious cause but seems to occur mostly on JFK (although that is the airport I use more so it might happen on others). The only change I have made with it is added two flights (BA001/002 and TCX2848/2849), not sure if the crash is related to them, they appear, render and behave correctly when they should and the game will also crash when they are no where nearby. Where do I send the logs to?


Secondly getting the aircraft voices. Is there a way to have them vary in game between male and female? Regardless of what setting I use in the menu they only ever speak with a female voice. 


Thanks :)

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I didn't save the logs, but I had an 'amusing' issue with the game yesterday.  I gave a plane pushback clearance from Terminal 8.  It pushed back and I thought it was done pushing and I gave it taxi clearance.  Next thing I knew it was going around in a circle again... and then it got pushed backwards... into the Terminal Building.... and it kept going... through the parking and roads in the center of the airport... through more parking.  Then it went down along Terminal 4, across taxiways, and I deleted the plane finally as it was crossing the intersection of Runway 13R-31L and Runway 4L-22R.  Then I just had the tug sitting there... but that didn't cause any issues and I continued dealing with flights.

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