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jerky turning with Embraer E_Jets v.2 Embraer 175 and Embraer 195


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2 hours ago, stevewhatmore said:

... This is an old copy which I bought for FS2004 but came with FSX included in the price from simware solutions.


you need to contact simware to see where you can get the updated version.  or did you just download the FSX version from simware?  i'm not sure as you wrote -


 downloaded my Embraer e jets for FSX.

you wrote -


in autopilot and I adjust the heading its reluctant to turn and when it does its very jerky and not smooth

reports of this behavior have usually been related to a computer lacking enough CPU, rarely the GPU as FS is CPU dependent, to process the game (ie, screen refresh problems).

did you purchase a new computer with modern powerful CPU?  a computer able to run FS9 may not be able to run FSX.

another issue is background processes slowing the computer (ie, running a www-browser while playing).


also -


converted to FSX Steam

steam version can act differently than FSX so just installing a FSX version into steam can cause unexpected problems.


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Hi scoobflight

my computer is 5 years old but the cpu is over clocked at 4.5.

when I purchased the e jets from simware I wanted the fs2004 version. Included in my downloads was a separate version for FSX

which is shown as SP1.

yes your correct I've other aircraft which  work in FSX but not in steam or I can't seem to get them to work properly.

are you saying that there is a newer SP for the ejects i.e. SP2.


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you should buy the STEAM version of the Ejets at the STEAM website.

I got both as well. one version for FSX boxed and another for FSX STEAM.


However, switching from FS2004 to FSX or starting from scratch with FSX STEAM.....

If I were you...before you start buying things for FSX STEAM or FSX boxed,........I would switch to P3D v4!  (that is if you prefer FSX/P3D over simulators like Xplane etc....you could switch to that as well of course).P3D V4 is another version of FSX which has just gone 64bit which means it is more stable than FSX. FSX boxed and FSX STEAM are still 32bit :-( An installer for the Ejets into P3D V4 64bit is being made at the moment.

If I find the time I will switch to P3D V4 (unless Steam goes 64bit as well)....latest at my next PC build.


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