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KLAS - "Road Calc." Error from B5/C


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First off, my apologies for initially attaching these to a previous thread, I didn't see Vic's post requesting a new thread for each issue.


Aircraft which push from the gate on B5 nearest C and are instructed to expect any of the runways on the left side of the field (1's, 7's and 19's) cannot create a taxi path to the runway. On the attached log use SWA813 as reference. I think part of the problem is that instead of being pushed out on to taxiway B5 they aircraft are towed all the way down B5 and then well down C past W; it's an unsual pushback for sure.

I've run into another road calculation from aircraft departing the upper D gates (taxiway C5 but I forgot to get a screenshot so I'll create a new post if/when it happens again).



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17 hours ago, FeelThere said:

Thank you, We are checking it




Hey Vic,

Just an idea, but  one that might help the community on this forum.  On the main forum page you have a group of topics that are locked/pinned.  Any chance you can create another one and title it something like "Issues under review" and make it an admin only update topic.  Then, inside the topic, give us the current issues that you are reviewing so that we know they are actually being reviewed and not falling into a black hole.  Once the topic is resolved you can quote the original item and say "Hey good news, this issue is now resolved.  We found xxx was causing jets to be at xxx which was wrong and now they will flow correctly" -- issue closed."  This will give us, as the community, a good sense that what we are relaying is being handled front to end.  

I also think this is something that would HUGELY benefit your friends over at Nyerges since we point out so many issues and they just say "we're working on it" and we never hear from them again.  It would create a system for them to take responsibility not only to you, but also to the community.  

The above topic would be nice fit to be your first entry.  Ive had the same problem above that many others have had, and it would be nice to see a common location where issues are detailed and commented on ONLY by the moderators

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