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Need help with some Confusion About the RC texture Packs for Tower3D pro


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Hi there All I'm really sorry I know you must be Sounding like a broken record but I do have some questions. I have seen you tubers game-play and I have to say my Game looks nothing like theirs. Please let me give an example. When installing the RC texture Pack for KATL the Delta CRJ's paint is not set right on the planes skin. By reading tons of Forums responses before I wrote this I realized a couple of things. The helpful members all seem to tell us where the put the RC files, However my confusion is there is 2 sorts of downloads one is this file: example KJFK_for_Tower3D_Pro_SP1.exe and then you have the RC files. 

So here is how I have been setting my game up the RC files I have put into the Airplanes folders while the other files as i gave the example above I put into the Airfields folder to the appropriate Airport.

Am I doing this right? Please help 

Thank you so much in Advanced and once again sorry for being the dead horse   

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You don't mention Real Traffic. Do you have that as well?

If no, it is required for RC. If yes, then you should see airplanes_pack1 and airplanes_pack1.manifest in the [root]\Extensions\Airplanes folder and in the Texturepacks subfolder you'll find the various airplanes_texpackN and airplanes_texpackN.manifest files for the airports you have purchased RC (N corresponds to the airport number).

FYI - The default root folder for the non-Steam version is C:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3D Pro


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