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Lost Speech connection in game


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Hi guys,
(sorry if there a females on this forum)
Can someone tell me a possible cause why during the game the "connection" with the plane breaks.
You hear the beep early during your instruction that it seems that the shift key is released too early.
I initially thought that my shift key was defective so I bought a new keyboard but it does exactly the same.
Highly annoying to always get the message:  "Say again" or "Negative".
Please help me
Leo, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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If you are using multi-monitors you need to make sure the focus is set the main screen (the view from the tower).  In other words click on the view windows after you clicked on ADIRS, Strip, or DBright if they are on another screen.   If you are using one screen, I am not sure what is causing the issue.

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@ Ventura101,

Thanks. man. That was the problem.

I work with 2 screens indeed and it is indeed a matter of clicking the "tower screen".
What I also noticed is that you can only put text on your "strips" when they are on the main screen.
You can not edit them undocked on another screen.
Or do you have a tip for that...................

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