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Why does "wind smoothing" not work?

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Hello Pete. I am using the latest version 3.10 (registered) with FS9. I am also using Activesky's latest version 1.91. Activesky only supplies global weather right now. I use it in the online mode which updates every 10 minutes. In the FSUIPC options under winds, I have wind smoothing checked and have it set to 30 seconds for every kt/degree. The problem is as I fly along at say FL370, I am still getting severe wind shifts as I fly from one Metar reporting station to the next. I have already crashed 3 times due to a 50kt headwind shifting to say a 45kt tailwind at the snap of a finger causing a severe drop off in speed and an eventual stall. It is like the FSUIPC wind smoothing option is being totally ignored. Do you have any help for me? Thanks.

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It is like the FSUIPC wind smoothing option is being totally ignored. Do you have any help for me? Thanks.

Are you sure Active Sky only sets global weather? I thought that was changed.

Even so, I think the problem is that in FS2004 no weather stays global for very long. Once FS localises the weather FSUIPC has no control. There's an section about the problems with global weather in the IMPORTANT announcement at the top of this forum, and also at the back of the FSUIPC user guide.

At present I am still considering whether to withdraw this feature for FS2004 or leave it in in the hope that it can be made effective at some stage, when perhaps more is learned of the new FS weather engine.

I am, however, now very confused about what the new Active Sky actually does. I only have an earlier version which is definitely Global only (in fact it uses the old FS98 interface). I thought Damian was now using the New Weather Interface, like FSMeteo?



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On the Activesky message forum on Avsim, Damian was asked why can you not see building thunderstorms say over Orlando when say flying near Daytona Beach which is 45 or so miles to the northeast when the default msfs weather engine can do it. His response was because Activesky sets the weather globally for now unlike the default wx engine and FS Meteo version 6.3. The new version 2.0 of Activesky will be able to do this. Also Pete in regards to the winds shifting severly, Damian stated that with version 2.0, there will be a feature where the winds will be dampened around your aircraft on the route of your flight so as to avoid the dramatic wind shifts that we are encountering now with the way the localised wx affects the winds. I just wish that you could do something with FSUIPC to help us out but it is understandable that you can't with MS not releasing any SDK's yet. Thanks anyways Pete.

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