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Saitek X52 CTD during P3Dv4.1 Start

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I have bought a Saitek X52 Pro (replacing a Thrustmaster 4 HOTAS) and thinking that it will work flawlessly, I plugged it into USB slot, then installed the related software and the FSX-P3D and Xp11 plugins required from the manufacturer's website, which later I found out was a mistake. As the title suggests now P3Dv4.1 crashes to desktop while loading the main scenario screen. If I disconnect the controller, the application starts fine. I followed some steps that I found here in this forums, like uninstalling the software, removing the device and the drivers from Device Manager but it still doesn't work. Also interesting is that I can't even find the device listed in Device Manager although it is connected and visible under "Devices and Printers"

I am attaching the relevant files and any help is appreciated.


event viewer.txt



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I see the crash is in a Windows DLL. It would be worth your while Googling that DLL for information. It rings a bell but I can’t recall the details.

Also, run my HidScanner program and attach the log you get from that please. You’ll find in in the Useful Additional Programs thread of the Download Links subforum. This will show if there’s some conflicting device, which I suspect after looking at the log you attached.

When you deleted the drivers and device, I assume you re-booted so that the device would be seen as a fresh USB HID device, which is all it needs. However, I’m not sure that gets any mess in the Registry cleared out. But that would be another step.


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Thanks. I don’t see any reason for problems there. The only other thing I can think of is that the GUID that FSUIPC obtains from the registry is actually allocated to another non-Joystick type of device, so accessing it with joystick type requests causes the crash. If that is the reason then it does imply a mess in the Registry.

If you have a restore point from before you first installed the unit, now’s the time to use it. Or even just a Registry backup.

Otherwise I’d need even more, as the only way I can tell is to look at the relevant part of the Registry, the part under the key


If you don’t know how to export that to a file for me to look at let me know and I’ll provide some instructions. If you do, don’t try attaching a .REG file or it'll fail. Rename it as a .txt file first.

Eeither way, I can’t get to it till tomorrow now. Sorry.



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Thanks again.

I hope I did it right. I have a feeling that it has something to do with the PS4 controller I sometimes use with the laptop via bluetooth  which requires some additional setup.

Best regards

PS. For some reason I cant upload the file here. Please find the file here: https://files.fm/u/tmuuuuhh

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