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Windows-error FSUIPC/P3Dv4.1

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I have updated from P3D v4.0 to v4.1 and FSUIPC to 5.122. Everything works fine the first time after installation. After a restart, P3D usually does not start anymore. If P3D does not start, a Windows-applicationerror is logged at the end of the previous session. If I rename the FSUIPC.DLL in FSUIPC.Dxx, P3D will start. I have installed everything as admin. Used add-ons: Goflight (2.28), GIT (3.4.10), Orbx, EDDF (Aerosoft). Os: Windows 10 Home 64 1709.

I would appreciate some help.



FSUIPC5 Install.log



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I don't see anything wrong from the logs (the FSUIPC5 run time log shows a good FSUIPC shut down when P3D was closed). The Windows error event being logged says "FSUIPC Unloaded" which is something which doesn't help identify anything.

when this has occurred before it wasbecause something caused one a crash during a previous P3D session close down sequence, but one or other of FSUIPC's separate threads was still running when this crash occurred. That tends to result in the Registry being marked to stop FSUIPC5.DLL being loaded next time.

As a result SimConnect goes through the motions to load FSUIPC5, as instructed by the DLL.XML file, but it doesn't actually load. Windows is faulty by NOT notifying SimConnect that this has happened, so when it allows FSUIPC to start execution, there's the "FSUIPC Unloaded" crash -- the address that provides is in fact the entry address, where obviously, as it hasn't loaded, there's no valid code.

The only answer to get P3D running is to rerun the FSUIPC5 installer first -- I added code into that which fixes the registry entry responsible. Don't forget to run it "as administrator".

Then, if it recurs, you'll need to track down what is actually causing the problem by a process of elimination. The last add-on I know about that could cause this was LINDA but I think updates to that fixed it. There have also been problems with devices in some Win10 updates.




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